Island Portraits

Tourists that participate in the Portrait tour are taken to key locations around the island. Rather than taking turns in front of the camera, both will be in front of the camera and the photos taken of them together. Approximately 5 photos per location will be taken, at 11 locations, you will receive 55 photos.


Your photos are taken by a professional photographer, they are digitally processed and burnt to a DVD disk for you to take home and do with them as you please. Maybe you want to get some of the photos printed and framed. Perhaps you want to have them printed up to create a photo album of your trip to the Island. This is a brand new package that is unlike any other. So, why not make use of this great package, designed with you in mind? You get to see some key sights on this beautiful island, and most of all, you get to take home the beautiful memories of all of you. This is a set package. Meaning, you are taken to key locations on the Island, the portraits are taken, the RAW files are processed into amazing JPG files, then burnt to disk and given to you to take home with you. However, if you want more photos, the package can be expanded at a fee.


100 Taylors Road Norfolk Island

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