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We specialise in original antique maps depicting the Australasian region, New Zealand, and the world. We list one of the largest collection's of antique Australian maps online at . Please contact Troy to arrange a viewing of the collection or if you have any questions.


Our maps range from those of the interior of the Australian continent to those that show the region before any landmass was charted in the 1500s. When I tell people that I sell antique maps for a living I tend to get a mixture of looks from bewilderment to amazement. Why maps? Maps are one of the few things that almost all of us can relate to. We all have some relationship with somewhere on earth and how that place has changed over history seems to interest many of us. Maps are also one of the few old things that can be hung on the wall and examined for hours with their extensive detail and strange references like “Cannibals here” or “Monster seen”. Map collecting has been popular for hundreds of years and was particularly popular throughout the 1500 and 1600s when there was an explosion in new exploration and discoveries in the world. In the 1970´s there was increase in antique map collecting, this time that swelled mainly from the USA, which created a real demand for antique maps. Until the 1970´s in Europe many ancient maps, some more than 400 years old, had sat on floors of dusty bookstores and in forgotten draws in antique shops. I have talked to some collectors who bought maps in the 70s for 10 pounds ($25) that are now worth $3,000 or more. This is how the collectors market works, much the same as the property market with demand at times seeming to appear out of nowhere and all at once. In the last couple of years with the worlds growing prosperity and affluence there has begun another surge in the popularity of antique maps. Changes to legislation allowing people to manage there own superannuation money and the changing face and complexity of mainstream investments have also created a new surge of demand for alternative investment such as maps. My business, ‘Antique MapArt Australia’ that sources and advises investors and collectors on maps focuses on rare and valuable maps important to the Australian region.


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