Discovery Centre

Phone: 23395

The Discovery Centre brings the outdoors indoors. An elegant wooden walkway leads to a rooftop viewing area where you’ll get a fantastic view of Norfolk’s vibrant green landscape including the iconic Norfolk Island pines.


There are fabulous ceramic sculptures of some of our special creatures, we're particularly fond of the giant centipede eating the gecko! There is also a live video feed from Phillip Island, so you can check out what the weather is doing over there. The live feed showcases some breeding Masked Boobies and provides great views back to Norfolk. We have been careful to ensure the camera is a long way from where any person would be likely to be trekking on the island. The nearby Orientation Room is where children can make friends with an enormous green parrot that happily gobbles small change - all proceeds going towards the green parrot recovery programme. The Centre is free to enter and open Monday - Saturday 9am - 3pm.


Grassy Road Norfolk Island

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